What to Expect


Your First Visit

Your first visit to our office will include a comprehensive examination that will allow the orthodontists to recommend if and when treatment is necessary. Unlike most orthodontic practices, our office dedicates 30 minutes of one-on-one doctor time to you at this visit. It is a great opportunity for you to have questions answered, discuss any concerns, and meet our orthodontic team.

Before the initiation of any orthodontic treatment, diagnostic records will be completed so that the doctors may finalize the diagnosis and create a detailed treatment plan. The diagnostic records consist of photographs, X-rays, and digital scanning of the teeth. The records are thoroughly reviewed to ensure that no details are overlooked and the treatment plan is custom designed for each patient.

If you are ready to start right away, and your schedule permits, we can even try to make that happen for you that same day! Just let us know you're interested and we'll handle the rest!

Treatment Conference

At this appointment, Dr. Siargos or Dr. Israel will discuss with you exactly what is involved in treatment, what results can be expected, and how your active participation can maximize these results. We are confident you will feel very well informed and have all your questions answered by the end of this visit.

The Bonding Appointment

After the doctors develop the individualized treatment plan, you are now ready to get your braces! For most patients, this is the appointment where the doctor places the braces on the teeth and a wire is secured into the braces. This is typically the longest visit you will have with us; it can range from one to two hours. The office will provide a comprehensive care and maintenance package to help ensure the patient’s comfort and dental health, and reduce emergency visits.

Some orthodontic problems require additional appliances to help achieve our goal of a beautiful smile. If the doctors plan to use an additional appliance, separators may be placed one week prior to the placement of orthodontic bands. A separator is a small rubber band that will be inserted between the back teeth which will allow for easier placement of the bands.

Adjustment Appointments

Once the braces are in place, you will visit our office to review your treatment progress at intervals of four to eight weeks, depending on your specific needs. At these appointments, a number of different procedures might be done in order to assure the continued progress of your treatment.

This can include the placement of new wires, the use of rubber bands, and the review of home care instructions. Periodic X-rays will be taken to assess proper tooth movement and monitor tooth and bone health.


Upon completion of treatment, the braces will be removed and you will be provided with retainers to hold the teeth in place. A set of post-treatment scans, X-rays, and pictures are always completed to document the improvements. The best part: a visit to our photo booth and candy wall to celebrate the big occasion!


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Patient Forms

Be sure to bring these with you to your first visit. This appointment will include a comprehensive examination that will allow us to recommend if and when treatment is necessary. It is also an opportunity for you to have questions answered, discuss any concerns, and meet our orthodontic team.

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