Some kind words from our great patients....

"Excellent and clean. Always makes me feel comfortable and happy walking in. Also, I never have to wait long and it's easy to schedule an appointment." - SP, 2016

"ALL the team members at WLO are exceptional and so friendly and caring! We didn't think it was possible to improve your service/our experience at your prior office; however, after visiting your new location yesterday, it was even more enjoyable! The aesthetics of your office with hip interior design, open layout, larger/more comfortable waiting room, fun photo area for kids, candy reward for braces off, and all the modern touches made our office visit feel less like going to see a doctor! :-)" - MB, 2016

“Everyone in the office is fabulous! I have been recommending your services to our friends! No wait times, ease of making future and emergency appointments, and the helpful appointment reminder emails! Wish all of our doctors were this efficient and courteous!” — MF, 2016

“The office is run very efficiently. We were there at a very busy time but didn’t wait any longer than usual.” — LL, 2016

"Everyone was nice to be around; felt like I’ve known them forever. Everything was organized and well put together. Overall, fantastic.” — KR, 2016

“You made my son feel very comfortable and special. Even the little things, like writing his name on the welcome chalkboard, made him smile and helped put him at ease. I’m so happy we chose your office for my son’s orthodontics!” — IZ, 2015

“I’m always so amazed at how well you all work together. It’s such a refreshing experience. Everyone is prepared for our appointment and the exit is just as seamless.” — JH, 2015

“Dr. S spent ample time with us, which is commendable. Front staff was personable — very important to a new patient! Loved how kid/parent friendly it is. Supportive of local charities and local kids in the news, wall of fame, free drinks … very comfortable and caring.” — AL, 2015

“I love everything about your practice. Best front-office staff, great support and doctors. I recommend you to anyone who will listen. Keep doing what you’re doing. The people are the very best: professional and extremely caring.” — KK, 2015

“I tell anyone who has orthodontic needs how much we love Drs. Siargos and Israel, the assistants, and the front desk ladies. Best staff ever — our favorite doctor’s office to visit! We have high standards and Willow Lake never fails to disappoint our family! They go above and beyond with patient attention, time, care, and communication with parents. They are a blessing to us!” — MB, 2015

“Jana and Heidi are fantastic! It’s so nice that they address kids by their first names when they walk through the door. Adolescents are awkward and so used to being embarrassed. The staff is so great about treating them as adults.” — GO, 2015

“Keep smiling and being super friendly. I know it’s hard to do that every day, but it really makes an impression!” — FN, 2015

“Everyone is so nice there, from the minute I walk in to when I leave. Dr. Israel explains everything and is a good listener.” — AM, 2015

“My daughter appreciates the fact that everything done to her was explained to her prior to and as it was being done. She feels quite comfortable in everyone’s hands.” — AN, 2015

“My kids feel right at home.” — EP, 2015

“It was our first visit. I was very impressed by how friendly everyone was. I was also impressed by Dr. Israel and felt confidence in the plan of treatment he outlined for my kids. " — JR, 2015

“My children always feel like they’re going back to visit friends when they visit Willow Lake Orthodontics. Very pleasant environment.” — DP, 2015

“Jana was incredibly welcoming and kind with my initial phone call to schedule our first appointment. Once we arrived, her warm and gentle personality really made me and my family feel like we have been going there for years. The staff we met were phenomenal. Such a pleasant experience.” — GA, 2015

“Dr. Siargos immediately put our daughter at ease, which is no easy task. She did an awesome job explaining her needs to her and to me in a clear, concise manner with multi-sensory methods. :) Always helps to write it down and use visuals. We immediately felt comfortable with the staff and then the doctor. Smiles feel great, especially when you’re nervous.” — LM, 2015

“The entire staff is top-notch. Everyone is knowledgeable, friendly, and approachable. We adore Heidi!! Who knew going to the ortho could be so pleasant! We think Willow Lake does everything right. The docs are incredible, and they have all the right people in all the right positions. Kudos to Dr. I and Dr. S for knowing they’re only as good as the staff that supports them! It feels like home every time we go into the office. Every patient and family member is made to feel special. This is no easy task, but Willow Lake pulls it off time and time again.” — AH, 2015

“I love that the office speaks to my child and not just to me. He feels important when he walks through the door.” — PC, 2015

“Dr. Israel was great. He’s a really nice guy and is very knowledgeable. He thoroughly addressed all of our concerns about our children’s teeth. We left understanding all of our options. I would highly recommend him.” — PK, 2015

“Dr. Barbara Siargos makes professional decisions how to solve the problems, vision of the outcome, courage, and friendly approach to a patient. She is very generous with her time and service to a patient. She is very pleasant and natural.” — KK, 2015

“You’ve created a welcoming place we all enjoy, where we can trust the care from the highest professional expertise to the most personal comfort. Thank you for treating both the kids and the parents!” — MB, 2015

“This office is everything one would hope for in an orthodontic practice. The doctors are professional yet warm, and take time to explain everything and answer questions. The staff really bend backwards to help you schedule appointments and manage the expenses with your insurance. And best of all, kids really seem comfortable and happy there. My son looks forward to his appointments. And he has wonderful teeth to show for it.” — Lisa C., Sept.2014

“Excellent, professional orthodontic care, in my experience. Support staff is friendly, informative, and on top of everything. Both Dr. Sairgos and Dr. Israel are highly recommended!” — Stacy S., Sept. 2014

“There are not enough words to describe the wonderful experience my family has had at Willow Lake Orthodontics. Not only are Dr. Israel and Dr. Siargos superb professionals, both highly knowledgeable and highly skilled, but the entire staff keeps up with the high standards they have established for their practice. The office runs smoothly and everybody is super friendly and welcoming. I feel that I have gotten the best possible orthodontic care I could have found for my daughter. Even after I moved out of Glenview area, we continued to come and drive the distance. Beyond worth it. I would drive twice as far if I had to, for my child to receive such high level of care.” — Veronica S., Sept. 2014

“We have been going to Willow Lakes since Dr. Siargos bought the practice. There have been various changes since then, but with each change there has been improvements to the practice. All the staff is very conscientious, helpful, and friendly. Everyone tries to meet the patient’s individual needs, and that can be very difficult with so many different schedules and personalities. We highly recommend Willow Lakes to anyone who asks about a local orthodontist. Thumbs up to Willow Lakes!” — Debbie B., Sept. 2014

“Every person in this practice is friendly, caring, and very knowledgeable. They apply the latest technology and truly care about your experience. They explain in detail what will happen and how to care for your teeth while going through the orthodontia process. I have had a child who needed an expander and two other children who are currently in braces. Every visit has been pleasant and the appointments are always at their scheduled time. An overall amazing office with excellent doctors and staff.” — Gina P., Aug. 2014

“We were blown away by the friendliness of everyone in this office and they really made my daughter feel comfortable. Dr. Siagros explained everything so we all understood and we really liked her approach with a customized solution for what worked for us. At other orthodontic offices in town, we felt like we got the ‘standard braces package price’ without any consideration for our individual needs. We would definitely recommend Willow Lake!” — Shonne F., Aug. 2014

“This is the best orthodontics team around! We feel so lucky to be their patient. Along with the husband and wife team, their clinical and office staff are professional and friendly. My daughter enjoys going to see her orthodontist!” — Lauren A., Mar. 12, 2013

“Most welcoming doctor’s office our family has ever visited. Kids love to check in at the computer screen and start their coloring page or read a book, mom loves to choose her hot drink, and the entire office staff is so friendly and helpful. We actually got in a little early for the checkup! We trust both doctors and value their professional opinion each office visit.” — Natalie B., Nov. 15, 2012

“We transferred over from another office, so I was unsure how the transition would affect my son’s treatment. Your professional and courteous staff made the transition seamless. His treatment plan is on schedule. I will definitely recommend your office to family and friends.” — Thomas M., Sept. 12, 2012

“My son is being treated by Willow Lake Orthodontics and the one year that we have been there has been nothing but a wonderful experience each and every time. Everyone is very friendly and extremely understanding about any and all questions I may have. The doctors always take out their time to talk to me after each visit that my son has. I can’t say enough about the whole experience that we have had. No one will ever go wrong if they decide to get their treatment here. Highly recommend Willow Lake Orthodontics!” — Matthew, Aug. 26, 2012

“We were so confused as to whether or not our son really needed braces. We got three opinions and only at Willow Lake did we get a full explanation and several options that met his needs. We chose to go with the Invisalign® option, which, for him, was less expensive and less invasive than traditional braces. We love the office staff and have had an extremely positive experience.” — Christopher, Aug. 9, 2012

“I wish everywhere I went in the world was like Willow Lake Orthodontics. Every single person working at the office is so kind, special, and extremely competent. The orthodontists are excellent and take their time with patients and their families. Their assistants are so great with my children. Their billing person is always willing to answer questions and their receptionist is amazing. My boys (who are the patients) actually look forward to their appointments and my girls (who don’t have braces) beg to go with me to hang out in their fun lobby. They are excellent about explaining treatments and I am very confident that we will get great results. I shopped around for an orthodontist and Willow Lake far exceeds my expectations. Also, their pricing is very competitive and straightforward and was even lower than a few others I checked out. I would have paid twice as much for the service and love we receive from these wonderful orthodontists and their staff.” — Matthew S., May 24, 2012

“I have been to many different orthodontists prior to being referred to Willow Lake and as soon as I walked into the office I knew that we were going to be treated well. The doctors are very nice and professional at the same time. Everything was explained to us in detail and we were given many different options for my son’s treatment. As soon as you walk in through the door, we are always greeted with a smile. The doctors’ assistants are also very diligent about explaining everything that is has been done. I recommend everyone who needs to get treatment from an orthodontist to come to Willow Lake.” — Matthew, Apr. 8, 2012

“My son’s mouth is so crowded he gets made fun of at school. Yet he is needle-phobic and did not want to undergo oral surgery to have any teeth removed. At Willow Lake they started with the premise that his mouth should be fixed without removing any teeth. Although everyone else we visited seemed to think teeth extractions were mandatory, we now have an understandable plan where time and appliances are the only requirements. The doctors at Willow Lake are clearly interested in doing things right and explain well to patients that they are a huge part of the process. There is more to braces than just wearing them. They help the patient realize it takes a partnership to get that satisfactory smile.” — Jake P., Jan. 5, 2012

“Willow Lake Orthodontics has the warmest and most caring staff that we have ever come in contact with at any medical/dental practice. We only visit every six months, but we are welcomed with open arms; the staff remembers us. The office exudes a feeling of peacefulness which is important when one is bringing in a child who may be worried about what will be happening. It is also spotless, which leaves a lasting impression that everyone there cares about where they work. Drs. Siargos and Israel always seek out the parent when there are changes in treatment or conditions and are never too rushed to answer any and all questions. Willow Lake has the most recently available equipment, which means you received the most up-to-date advancements in orthodontic treatment. Although it is a drive for us to get to Willow Lake, we could not imagine going elsewhere and we love to share this with anyone we know who may be getting braces.” — Anna C., Jan. 1, 2012

“I took my daughter in for a consultation. We were promptly greeted by a lovely woman behind the desk. My daughter was instantly put to ease when we were given a tour of the office. She loved the photo gallery on the wall and recognized several friends’ smiling faces. We met with the orthodontist who examined my child and then explained what the procedure would entail. I appreciated his honesty, especially the fact that he informed us that in this case, braces would be strictly cosmetic. I am sure that many in his position would have left that info out. We went over the procedure, the schedule, and his expectations from my daughter, and then the costs. I felt no pressure to sign up at that time, and he even told us there was no hurry to make a decision. If we decide to get braces, this is the office I would choose.” — Annabelle W., Aug. 13, 2011

“Willow Lake Orthodontics provides professional services in a friendly environment. Everyone in the office is knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. I highly recommend them for your orthodontic needs.” — Allison B., Aug 12, 2011

“Willow Lake is such a fun, friendly practice. Everyone there goes above and beyond to make my son’s visits really enjoyable. How many people can say that about their orthodontist? I can’t recommended it highly enough.” — Connor V., Aug. 4, 2011

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Patient Forms

Be sure to bring these with you to your first visit. This appointment will include a comprehensive examination that will allow us to recommend if and when treatment is necessary. It is also an opportunity for you to have questions answered, discuss any concerns, and meet our orthodontic team.

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